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Welcome to the new website!


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Congrats on the new site!  I found you through Kim’s page.  I love all the travel photos.  You and June certainly have wonderful memories of far away places to enjoy.  Sorry it took so long for me to find you. I’ve been off line for a while but I’ll be checking back often now that I know you have a home page. Happy thoughts to both of you :)

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Beautiful site!

You even have some nice pictures of Budapest from stopping by on your way back from Serbia. We look forward to seeing you when we visit the states this Fall.

Thank you for sharing the site with us!!

Andris, Angie & Beni

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Hello Warner and June!

Your website provides a nice glimpse into your life and good works.  Thanks for inviting me in to take a look.  The church in Serbia was an amazing project! 

Best regards,
Ed Curtis

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Hi Warner and June - Wow.  Very nice websiet.  I hope to see many more wonderful memories posted on here!


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Hello -- it is me, Gomez the Pug. I am very excited to see that you old people have finally joined the  21st Century and gotten yourself one of high tech web-sitey-things...just as you are probably excited to see that I have learned how to type.

But I digress...

The website is lovely, and gives the young people some insight into the daily lives of Geezers. My dad tells me that there are pug pictures on this site somewhere, but I have not seen them yet (yes I can type, but surfing the net is still beyond me)...oh, and there are not nearly enough pictures of my aforementioned daddy (you know, your first born -- the apple of your eye.)

Anyway, I have to go bark at the cat and soil the carpet now.  I will check back whenever there are no people around.

Love, Gomez

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What awesome photos...I love to see photos o where life’s adventures take our friends...I didn’t realize you were a rodeo man...Do you listen to country music...Your a perfect profile or Amarillo by Morning....We’re off to Sedona in september...Hope my photos are as beautiful....

Thanks for sharing..

love and prayers
brenda :>)

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Warner, (and June, whom regrettably I haven’t yet met),

I’m honored to be given access to your most enjoyable and illuminating website!

I was certain from our unfortunately somewhat limited personal communication at work that you and your family were multi-dimensional and clearly pursuing more in life than the challenges presented by Air Products.

Now it is clear how wonderful retirement must be for you and June--so many interests and passions to pursue...  And now there is time for them!  Roger allison

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Hi Warner and June, we absolutely love your website!! It appears we need Anthony in our IT Group. The greatest aspect of our years with Air Products had been the wonderful people we have worked with and became our friends. The saddest thing about our associates and friends retiring, is that we usually tend to loose track of them and what’s happening with them and their families lives. We have all shared many good times and some hard times thru the years, during our working lives, and now we are fortunate that you can share what happening in your personal lives. It’s inspiring to each of us to see how you and June are balancing your retirement years by enjoying yourself and serving others. You should consider submitting your website as an Air Products "Retirement Best Practice". Ha Ha.  We look forward to tracking how things are going for you and your family. Our best wishes and prayers are with you and your family for good health and happiness throughout your retirement years.

Don and Susan

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