Sad news.

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Dearest friends and family,

It is with great sadness that I write at this time to let you know that dad went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday. He was hiking the Appalachian Trail, one of his favorite hobbies, when he had a heart attack. We are all completely shocked & saddened; it’s really beyond my ability to express.  We are comforted knowing that he did not suffer & that as a firm believer in Jesus Christ, he is in Heaven now. As I’m sure you can imagine, we already miss him terribly and we always will until re-united in heaven.

Dad taught us all so much about how to live and love -- how to give 110% in all situations. He taught us to hold fast to our convictions & to persevere even when situations looked grim. He was a man of honor & integrity; he truly strived to emulate Christ with his words and actions.

For those of you who are interested, the services will take place this Friday, August 11th at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Allentown, PA:

Faith Evangelical Free Church
6528 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18106

The viewing will begin at 9:30 am, and the memorial service will begin at 11:00.  From there we will proceed to the Grandview Cemetery, where dad will be laid to rest. A reception will follow, back at the church.  All are welcome to attend.

In lieu of flowers, please send any donations to the aforementioned church address.  Checks can be made out to the Faith Evangelical Free Building Fund, a project which dad was intimately involved with.  Should you wish to contact anyone in the family directly, please feel free to call us at (610) 366-7323.

We’ve been so blessed by the love that you’ve all shown us. Thank you all for your kindness & your continued prayers at this very difficult time.

With love,


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Dear June,

This IS the saddest news ever.  I’m praying for God to comfort you and your family through these tragic days.  Warner was a wonderful caring man who showed his love for you and his children when I was in his company.  He leaves a great emptiness in many lives.  I am thankful to have known him, even briefly and will keep his memory special to me.

God bless all of you.


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I’m terribly sorry for your loss.  Kim called me earlier tonight to let me know.  I’ve always enjoyed being around your family.  Your husband was a great man and will be missed. My family sends their regards.  You’re all in my thoughts.

~The Roberts Family

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June, Kim, Anthony, and family ~
So-ooo sorry for your loss.  There are no words to ease the pain, but I know that Jesus will comfort you and keep you in His care through this difficult time.  My prayers are with you! 

~ Aunt Joy

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Hello -
I’m so sorry that I had to miss Warner’s funeral as I was traveling on business when it took place.  I wanted to share with you my favorite Warner memories which to me reflect the person that Warner was to many of us.

One was that Warner was the only boss I ever had that decided to go work out with me and another co-worker.  He did this to show his support for me and the activities that were important in my life.  He could have insisted on golf, dinner, etc., but he knew how much working out meant to me especially when visitors where around (lots of food and no time to work out).  He did this kind of activity with all the different plant managers that he supported.

Another story centered around the very long, arduous and expensive 4 month outage we had at the Santa Fe Springs plant in California.  There were many folks that worked long hours and continuous days during that time.  Around lunch time one day, Warner decided to put a bunch of hamburgers and fries in a back-pack and climb up one of the tallest structures in the plant to get food to some of the guys that were stuck working through lunch at the top of the structure.  This touched a lot of people’s hearts.

When my brother passed away two years ago, Warner rallied the support of many so that when my family and I entered the room where my brother’s body lay, we were greeted by many beautiful and bright flowers with loving cards.  This was so very meaningful to my family, especially to my mother.

Warner felt comfortable enough with me sharing his faith, what Christianity meant to him and all the different church activities that he was involved in. 

He was  never afraid to try a new piece of software or electronic gadget...I always thought he was one of the youngest people I knew.

Whenever I was around him, Warner never ceased to talk highly about all the people in his life (family, friends and co-workers).  He could quote what school everyone went to.

I could go on with many other stories.  I’m glad that Warner considered me his friend.

May God bring you peace during this very difficult time.


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Paul and I were touched by Warner’s humor, humbleness, kindness and his amazing love for the Lord. He was an inspiration to know and we will miss him very much. 

Unfortunately, we can’t take away the heartache you must be feeling, however, we can continue to pray that the Lord will cover you with His Love and give you a Peace that only He can give.  We would like to take you out to dinner when you are ready.  Just let us know.


Paul and Sharon

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It was good seeing you at the wedding. I am praying for all of you.
In Christ,

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I was saddened to learn of Warner’s death. I was not a close friend of his, (4 yrs. younger) but his mother and my mother were close, and my brother Peter was friends with Nancy in high school.

My father ran the Town Crier, Wilmington’s local newspaper, and I have many back issues. I recently found one with a group photo with both Warner and Nancy displaying a long line of prize ribbons from a horse show. I have scanned the picture and would be happy send it to you. I don’t see a link for an attachment on this email form. But if you email me back, I’ll get your address and send you the picture.

It was interesting to look at the website and learn more about his life. Interesting, too, that we now have cyberspace to hold our memories. It’s almost like an extension of one’s spirit.

My deepest sympathy to you.
Larz Neilson

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